At Raise Your Hand for Diabetes we are committed to uniting everyone who has taken to heart the challenge to get diabetes under control.

Connected in Motion breathes fresh air into diabetes education by taking it out of the clinic and into nature.  A registered charity that supports a healthy active lifestyle for people living with Type 1 diabetes, Connected in Motion is an organization made up of like-minded individuals living with Type 1 diabetes whose shared vision is to create a culture of support and engagement in diabetes self-management through peer-based experiential diabetes education, sport and outdoor adventure. Believing that people living with diabetes can be a great resource for people living with this chronic disease, its purpose is to build supportive communities by bringing the Type 1 diabetes community together to share experiences, challenges, techniques, and strategies for living with diabetes. By creating communities that motivate and inspire individuals to take charge of their health today, Connected in Motion is helping to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes now and tomorrow.

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Diabetes Hope Foundation (DHF) is a grassroots not-for-profit organization founded by its current chair, Barbara Pasternak, in 1999 after two of her sons were diagnosed with diabetes. The foundation’s mission is to reward, empower and provide peer education and support for youth in transition to enable them to live successfully WITHIN and BEYOND diabetes.  Working closely with Ontario’s network of pediatric diabetes healthcare centres, the goal of supporting this high need group to ensure that youth thrive and succeed beyond their diabetes remains strong nearly 20 years later.  The foundations’ programs and services are driven, developed, and funded BY the Community FOR the Community. With a renewed groundswell of commitment to improve services in the community for at-risk and transitioning teens, the Foundation will continue to work with a cross-generation of DHF Alumni and community partners to develop innovative youth-led community initiatives that will support the unique needs of transitioning teens and millennial’s living with diabetes.
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“STOP Diabetes” Foundation, a volunteer-driven, community-based organization founded by Dr. Harpreet S. Bajaj, is dedicated to increasing diabetes awareness and decreasing the burden that diabetes affl­icts on society through community-based education. Their vision is a healthier global community in the world. Their mission is to provide free and relevant diabetes awareness for all and this registered charitable organization is committed to accessible diabetes prevention and management education, focusing on the Canadian South Asian community.
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The Type 1 Diabetes Think Tank Network, a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization providing innovative experiential education to the Type 1 diabetes community, brings together patient and healthcare opinion leaders to provide the expertise, guidance and integration to improve the quality of life and health outcomes for people living with this disease. Its aim is to remove barriers to communication and improve relationships between patients and their healthcare teams through the use of innovative programming designed to include the patient voice and leverage the power of the patient narrative. The network is dedicated to improving communication between patients and healthcare providers, elevating the standard of healthcare provided to diabetics, and to empowering patients with the skills needed for better self-management of Type 1 diabetes.
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